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iCaria is the premier family engagement platform for senior and family care. With iCaria, you can access a marketplace of trusted community service providers and care agencies that best suits your family needs!

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You can find out all retirement home facilities near you by simply selecting “Facilities” and typing “long term care” in the search text.



Search for community-based service providers delivering at-home senior care services that are in-person or virtual. Chose a provider based on agency, past performance, certifications, as well as type of professional services offered. Professionals include PSWs, doctors, nurses, social workers, coaches, trainers, as well as volunteers to name a few.


Explore personalized services offered by professionals in your community to help you care for your aging senior loved-ones. These services are delivered in-person or virtually based on your schedule from the comfort of your own home. They span health and wellness, home care, personal care, nutrition, and other conveniences.


Locate home, personal, senior and other services and care agencies near you that offer a variety of at-home and online services offered by accredited professionals. Explore the list of professional service providers at these agencies as well as community feedback on the quality of service provided.


Explore list of home, personal, senior and other services and care companies. Locate their agencies and learn about the variety of services offered by their service professionals.


Since our launch, we have experienced tremendous success in North America and continue to grow in onboarding users with your support.







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iCaria is a smart family engagement platform that connects families with agencies and service professionals in North America. It places you at the center of your family care, enabling you to monitor and care for your loved ones from anywhere at any time.

iCaria enables fast and easy discovery of at-home and remote services with flexible booking options while affording you and your family the best and most memorable service experiences.

iCaria boasts the world largest directory of professional service providers, agencies, programs and organizations. With access to community feedback and social media coverage, you can finally have the piece of mind you so deserve as you organize the care of your loved ones.

iCaria promotes growth in your community by supporting local independent professional service providers to deliver quality services while simplifying the booking and payment experience.


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